CPAA Theatres


‘CPAA Theatres’ is a modern and comprehensive national performing arts theatre chain under the initiation, operation and management by CPAA Theatres Ltd., a subsidiary of China Arts & Entertainment Group (CAEG). ‘CPAA Theatres’ is the rst performing arts theatre chain that is of cially registered in the State Administration for Industry & Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. It enjoys a high reputation in the industry.

As a full business operation and service provider of domestic theatre and performance industry, ‘CPAA Theatres’ has been adhering to a concept of ‘cooperation, mutual benefit, self-control, win-win, striving, diligence, and pride’. After nearly a decade of development, it now runs 17 directly-managed theatres and 70 member theatres across 27 provinces and municipalities in the country and overseas. With total assets under management of over 10 billion yuan, it has about 140,000 seats, more than 5,000 performances a year, and an annual audience of more than 5 million. With its effective integration of various levels and multiple channels of domestic and foreign performing arts resources and strong marketing capabilities, ‘CPAA Theatres’ has successfully hosted or undertaken a number of large-scale activities and art festivals, and successfully operated thousands of domestic and foreign high quality performance projects.

At present, ‘CPAA Theatres’ has gained a wide following by its domestic and foreign counterparts and always positively appraised in many aspects of the theatre industry, including development and management, product production and distribution, marketing planning and execution, talent training, large cultural facilities consultation and others, As a result, its brand effect has also improved signi cantly.

“中演院线”是由中国对外文化集团有限公司旗下中演 演出院线发展有限责任公司发起、运营、管理的现代化、综 合性、国际型文艺演出院线,是在中国国家工商行政管理总 局正式注册的首家文艺演出院线,在业界享有极高声誉。

作为国内剧院与演出行业全业态运营与服务供应商,“中 演院线”以“合作、互利、克己、共赢、奋斗、勤勉、实干、 自豪”为基本理念,经过近十年发展,已拥有 17 家直营剧 院和 70 家加盟剧院,直营剧院和加盟剧院分别来自国内 27 个省、市、自治区以及海外,管理总资产超过 100 亿,共 拥有坐席数约 14 万个,年演出场次超过 5000 场,年观众 总量超过 500 万人次。“中演院线”有效整合了各层面、 多渠道的国内外演艺资源并拥有强大的市场营销能力,成功 主办或承办了多项大型活动及艺术节,并成功运营了数以千 计的国内外高水平演出项目。

目前,“中演院线”在剧院拓展与管理、产品制作与配 送、市场策划与营销、人才培养与储备、大型文化设施建设 咨询与论证等方面取得的成绩,已得到国内外同行的广泛关 注与高度评价,其品牌效应显著提升。