Viewing Instructions


Audience can enter the theater 30 minutes before the show. Please mind the time and avoid being late.
Audience must enter with a valid ticket. Please keep the ticket until the end of the show. Please enter the hall in order, sit in the right seat and keep quiet inside the venue. People with disheveled clothes, and alcoholics are not allowed to enter. Latecomers please wait in the waiting area until intermission.
Food, beverage and bottled water are not allowed in the theater.
Please do not bring any camera or video equipment with you. It is strictly prohibited to take photos, record or video with camera (or mobile phone) without permission. Flashlights are not allowed.
No dangerous goods, no smoking in the theater, no open fire.
Please do not touch the performance equipment and do not step on the stage without permission.
Please turn off your mobile phone or turn it into silent mode during the performance. Keep quiet in the theater and watch the performance in a civilized way.
The audience with children should take good care of the children and avoid their random walking or making noises during the performance in case that they may disturb the performance or other audiences.
Please remember to bring your ticket with you when you need to leave the theatre during the break. The ticket is needed for your entering into the theatre.
After the performance, please leave in an orderly manner. No stay is allowed. Please take away your trash in accompany with your joy.

★ 请预留出时间以免迟到,演出前 30 分钟可进入剧场。
★ 观众须凭有效演出票张入场,演出票张请保留至演出结束。须依次有序入场,对号入座,保持场内安静,衣冠不整者、酗酒者谢绝入场。迟到观众请在等候区等候,待幕间安排入场,就近入座。
★ 请勿将食品、饮料及瓶装水带入剧场,剧场内禁止饮食。
★ 请勿携带照相及摄像器材,未经允许严禁对演出进行相机(手机)拍照、录音、录像,禁止使用闪光灯。
★ 严禁携带危险物品,剧院内严禁吸烟,禁止使用明火。
★ 请勿触摸演出设备,不要私自上舞台。
★ 演出期间请将手机关闭或调至静音状态,保持剧场安静,文明观看演出。
★ 携带儿童的观众,应照看好小孩,避免在演出过程中出现随意走动、吵闹等行为发生,以免影响演出或其他观众观剧。
★ 中场休息或需要暂时离开剧场时,请记得携带票券,便于顺利返回剧场,继续欣赏演出。
★ 演出结束后,请有序退场,谢绝逗留。请在带走欢乐的同时,捎带走您的垃圾杂物。